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Business/Corporate Website Design Services

Thank you for this opportunity to be of service. Please use the following form as a guide to help indicate to us the features, etc. you would like implemented on your website, and what hosting features you desire. Simply mark it up, and get it back to us (our fax number is +1 (602) 254-6999).  We will contact you shortly after receipt of your marked-up form.


  • The most commonly selected items are pre-checked.  Although we recommend the majority of these items, most are not required (and may not be applicable to your situation).  You may wish to uncheck pre-checked items that you are not interested in prior to printing out this form
  • In most cases you can click on a link to see an example of the feature as we have implemented it on one of our client's sites
  • If you see something you do not understand or have any questions, please feel free to contact us




Do you have an existing logo that you want integrated into the site?



Websites you like and what you like about them (please include domain names, please see our eFolio for samples of our work):



Websites you specifically dislike and why you dislike them (please include domain names):




Please list any other comments you might have:




Some items are marked with a [$] symbol to help indicate the relative up-front expense of the approach. An approach marked with [$] is generally less expensive than an approach marked with [$$].  Please keep in mind that in some instances, the more advanced approach will improve the maintainability of your website.


"In this day and age, [this] kind of care, customer service and attention to detail is difficult to come by - in any industry!" - Adrian Velez, K & S Test Products, Chandler, AZ

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